Who  We  Are

We are women living in a rural community who want to make a difference. 

Imagine raising $10,000+ in just one hour for a local charity! 

That's exactly what we do and we promise to have you leaving each meeting with the best feeling for doing amazing charity work in our community!  Don't think of it as a meeting, we like to think of our gatherings as a guaranteed   'Girls Night Out', four times a year! 

Congratulations To Our Latest Charity Recipient!


If your a member of 100womenwhocarenp and missed the November 27 2019 meeting please drop of you cheque to The Listowel VON at 975 Wallace Ave. North Listowel. Please mention cheques re: 100Womenwhocarenp. Thank you!


Current Charity Nominee Contenders:

Foundation For Education

LDSS Library

Nominee Considerations for May 27, 2019 Meeting: 

Presenters are drawn two weeks prior to meeting, than contacted to confirm they can join us.... our 3 potential Nominees for Wednesday May 27, 2019 Meeting are...... 


Up Coming Meeting Dates for  2019~2020:

Cancelled Due To COVID 19 Date : March 25, 2020 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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