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Interested in becoming a part of 100 Women Who Care North Perth? Each Member is required to make a commitment of making an annual donation of $400 ($100 per meeting x 4 meetings). 100% of this donation goes directly to local charities, non-profits and other worthy causes serving North Perth. By completing the form below, you are agreeing to fulfill your donation commitment for a minimum of 4 meetings (memberships renew automatically after 4 meetings if advance notice is not received). If you are making a commitment as part of a sharedteam, (2 people) each person should provide their information on one “Commitment Form".  Please use the additional notes section to communicate how the $100 donations will be split between team members.  

Your donation is due even if you did not vote for the charity selected by majority vote. Your commitment does not require you to attend every meeting (we understand that we all live busy lives and sometimes we have other things on the go), however you are required to make donation payment arrangements, sending it with a friend, or by sending an email to  to make arrangements. All members will be provided with a tax receipt from the voted charity and will be distributed at the next scheduled meeting.  As a Member, you understand and agree that regardless of your attendance or vote for the selected charity, YOU will help create the biggest impact possible.  From time to time, our Chapter will send you news, updates, reminder and information about what's happening, by email.  Please make sure to add us to your trusted senders list to ensure that our communication lands in your inbox and not in the trash.  At any time, you can request to be removed from our email distributions. Don't worry, we won't be offended!  Like you, we get a lot of email too so if you would rather stay on top of what's happening with our Chapter, don't forget to give our Facebook a 'like' and follow updates through our social media channels.

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